• When is Exit/In open?

    Anytime we have a show! Please check the calendar for specific show times and information.
  • Where is Exit/In?

    We’re located in the heart of the Historic Rock Block at 2208 Elliston Place, Nashville TN 37203. Exit/in has operated in this location, 2 blocks off West End Avenue & across from Vanderbilt University, since opening in 1971.
  • How do I purchase tickets?

    Go to the calendar page and click the gold “tickets” button or the show you want to see. Box Office coming soon.
  • Can my band play Exit/In??

    Maybe… booking inquiries should be sent to concerts@bonafide-live.com.
  • Is Exit/In available for private events, and how much does it cost to rent?

    Absolutely! We love hosting the best events around. For more information, please e-mail events@bonafide-live.com.
  • Where do I park?

    We recommend using a ride share service, but if you must bring your car, there is limited parking nearby. There are two pay-to-park lots directly behind the venue & street parking at metered spots on surrounding streets such as Elliston Place and Louise Avenue.
  • What is the age limit at the Exit/In?

    We are strictly 18 and over though some shows are 21 and over. The age restriction for each show is clearly stated on the calendar page.
  • Can I bring my child/friend’s child/sibling/guest that is under 18, under my supervision?

    Nope. We do not allow patrons under 18 years of age regardless of supervision.
  • Do I need my ID?

    Absolutely, 100%, no exceptions! You must have a valid photo ID issued by either the state or federal government. Military ID, passports, driver licenses, are all examples of proper ID. Birth certificates, and student IDs are examples of improper ID and will not be accepted. Please also note that if your ID is broken or appears tampered with in anyway, you may not be allowed to enter.Paper ID’s will only be accepted if issued by the state of Tennessee. Tennessee paper IDs will only be accepted for 20 days after date of issuance. Paper IDs from other states and/or entities will not be accepted.

  • Do you have a dress code?

    Kinda…we’re required to follow THESE RULES by the TABC and Beer Boards. We also have a costume policy:

    • All customers must be identifiable upon entry. Security staff must be able to easily match your appearance to your ID photo.
    • Masks & face paint are allowed ONLY if security staff can easily match your appearance to your ID photo.
    • Exit/In reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who cannot be easily identified or dressed in a manner deemed offensive or inappropriate.
    • No props (ie. handheld items such as staffs or plastic weapons)
    • All standard venue policies will apply including no spiked jewelry, chains, or weapons (real or costume)
  • I left my tab open, what do I do?

    Good news! We added 20% gratuity because we KNOW you’re a big tipper.
  • Can I smoke at the Exit/In?

    There is no smoking permitted inside Exit/In (including e-cigarettes and vapes). We do have a large outdoor smoking are easily accessible at the left side of the room.
  • Do you have seating available?

    A very limited number of first row balcony stools are available for purchase on select shows. If available, you will see this ticket option after clicking the gold “tickets” button for the show you want to see.Exit/In is typically a “standing room only” venue. Some shows are seated, but this will be clearly stated.

    Hurry Back, has lots of seating (and great food btw) You can come and go between Hurry Back and Exit/In during the show.

    Additionally, there are a limited number of tables and chairs located in our balcony that are available on a first come, first served basis.

  • Do you have a lost and found?

    We do our best to retain any items left behind for a reasonable period of time. If you believe you have left an item with us, please email exitin@bonafide-live.com or call 615-321-3340 and leave us a message detailing the item and a way for us to reach you.
  • Is there re-entry allowed at the Exit/In?

    We do not allow re-entry. However, you can pass back ‘n forth between Exit/In and Hurry Back during the show.
  • Is there food at the Exit/In?

    Yes, you can enjoy the fare at Hurry Back before, during, and after the show
  • What should I do before and/or after the show?

  • What am I NOT allowed to bring into the venue

    Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Backpacks of any kind
    • Weapons of any kind
    • Illegal Drugs
    • Hula Hoops
    • Glow Sticks
    • Outside Food & Beverage
  • I am in a wheelchair and/or have special needs, can I still attend the show?

    Of Course! We ask that you contact us in advance so we can ensure proper accommodation. Please email exitin@bonafide-live.com or call 615-321-3340
  • Can you recommend a hotel for visitors?

    The Hampton Inn, Guesthouse Inn & Suites, Lowes Vanderbilt, and Hutton Hotel are all close by.
  • I’d like to take pictures of the show. May I bring my camera?

    How nice of you to ask…you’re so sweet. Recording policies are at the band’s discretion and change from night-to-night. Only those with approved photo and video passes can bring professional equipment (cameras with detachable lenses) to a show.We utilize a House Photography Program where local photographers can choose the shows they want to shoot (on a first come, first serve basis), bring a friend along with them to the show and also receive photo credit when their photos are used.

    If you’re interested in participating in the program please email marketing@bonafide-live.com

  • Do you have an email list I can subscribe to?

    Yes! Please sign up here to subscribe to our newsletter and receive information on newly announced shows, special deals, and other wonderful information!
  • Do you have a coat check?

    We do have a coat check! When you enter Hurry Back, follow the signs to the bathrooms and before you enter the hallway, you will see our coat check attendant directly next to the ATM. Coat check is $3 per coat. We also have a few hooks inside (please note, we are not responsible for personal items left unattended inside the venue or on the property).
  • What time does the show start?

    For all information regarding door times, ticket prices, and performing artists please visit the calendar page
  • Do you have a Privacy Policy?

    Yes, please check out our Privacy Policy before siging up for Exit/Insiders or our newsletter.